Belgian eyeglasses designer theo logo
  • Central blue metal eyeglasses by theo
  • Rame pink metal eyeglasses by Belgian brand theo
  • Station black and red metal eyeglasses by theo
  • Harusame metal eyeglasses by Belgian designer theo

theo Glasses

Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet were Belgians opticians in Antwerp and Brussels who decided in 1987 to add a bit of madness in the world of optics. 26 years later, the founders of theo are still designing original glasses that never go unnoticed.

Round, Panto, and rectangular, full of colors in stainless steel, asymmetrical, generous sizes, massive architectures, and totally new shapes: it is an understatement to call this brand bold. The brand also displays its originality and creativity in its collaborations with edgy fashion designers.
Original design eyeglasses by theo
Metal eyeglasses by theo model Harusame
Black and red metal eyeglasses by theo model Station

Photo Credit: theo