Wooden eyeglasses designer Rolf Spectacle logo
  • Monture optique, de forme ovale et de coloris gris sombre par la marque Rolf
  • Lunettes de vue de couleur rose et de forme arrondie, imaginées par Rolf

Rolf Glasses

Rolf Eyewear leads the pack when it comes to wooden glasses! In their collections, wood is not just one material among others—it’s the centerpiece of their design. Located in the heart of the Tyrolean Mountains, the brand manufactures its frames using traditional methods of handicraft. This approach is part of Rolf Eyewear’s environmental sustainability.

The glasses are characterized by their precise details and lightness, as well as their daring creation via new techniques that make each frame unique.

In 2013, Rolf also launched collections of eyeglasses made of horn and even stone, a first in the world of optics!

Photo Credit: Rolf

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