Exceptionnal designed frames by Prodesign Denmark
  • Optical frame by Prodesign Denmark
  • Spectacles by Prodesign Denmark
  • Optical frame by Prodesign the brand from Denmark
  • Optical Glasses by Prodesign Denmark

Prodesign Denmark Glasses

You probably guessed it right—eyewear brand Prodesign Denmark is Danish. It is based in the city of Aarhus, otherwise known as the European capital of culture in 2017.

The brand was established in 1973 by opticians who wanted to create eyeglasses that highlighted the wearer’s facial features. This synergy between frames and features is still at the heart of Prodesign’s work today. Whatever the material, titanium, acetate or metal, Prodesign believes the glasses that adorn us every day must be easy to wear.

The shapes of the glasses are definitely Scandinavian: simple, classical forms and subtlety are paramount. The colors, though, are more expressive. With intensity or in small details, contrasts are the designer’s signature. Prodesign Denmark eyeglasses and sunglasses reflect the port city where they were born: a blend of contemporary and traditional construction, and always colorful!

Lunettes originales pour homme et femme de la marque Prodesign Denmark

Lunettes de soleil créateur Prodesign Danmark

Lunettes de vue lunetier designer Prodesign Denmark

Photo Credit: Prodesign Denmark

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