French eyeglasses designer Pierre Eyewear logo
  • Women acetate frame by Pierre Eyewear
  • Optical eight-sided spectacle by Pierre Eyewear designer
  • Women acetate frame by the french creator, Pierre Eyewear
  • Acetate eyeglasses by Pierre Eyewear

Pierre Eyewear

Pierre Eyewear is a small French brand originating in Loir-et-Cher. The eponymous Pierre insists that the glasses he produces be ergonomic and comfortable objects that are enjoyable to admire, own and—of course—wear!

The design of these unique frames is quite unusual, with glasses offering surprising shapes in the form of car, scooter, etc., as well completely innovative and unrecognizable shapes. Their forms are intuitive and highlighted by carefully chosen colors. Pierre uses prints (checks, textile patterns, geometric, etc.) as well as bright or transparent colors.

Very interesting work is done on the acetate, with juxtapositions of layers to allow sculpting literally in thickness. All these traits add up to a highly original, unprecedented brand!

Photo Credit: Pierre Eyewear

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