French luxury eyeglasses by Lucas de Staël logo
  • Bicolor red and pink eyeglasses by the designer Lucas de Staël
  • Bicolor blue and white spectacles by French designer Lucas de Staël
  • Red eyewear by the French creator Lucas de Staël
  • Grey optical with black arms by Lucas de Staël in France

Lucas de Staël Glasses

Lucas is not only the grandson of painter Nicolas de Staël; he is also one of the most talented designers of his generation. As soon as he finished studying at the ENSCI Les Ateliers in 2003, he began designing spectacles and, adhering to the idea of “slow design,” he chose to manufacture all his models by hand. His starting point was the exploration of the extensive possibilities offered by rare materials.

This is how he arrived at collections made, with great technical prowess, of rubber, carbon fiber, leather, ebony, stone, etc. The result is always astonishing; luxury glasses that fall midway between art and industrial design.

If only for the beauty of the objects, his collection is worth discovery. His last two collections, Stratus and Vivarium, combine stone, leather and steel.

Photo Credit: Lucas de Staël

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