Kuboraum original glasses logo
  • Lunettes solaires Interstellar au design atypique, de coloris noire par la marque Kuboraum
  • Monture optique arrondie Tortoise de couleur marron par le créateur allemand Kuboraum
  • Découvrez la pièce solaire originale Shine, de coloris noir par la maison Kuboraum
  • Le lunetier allemand Kuboraum présente son modèle Smoke optique carré de coloris blanc transparent

Kuboraum Glasses

A pair of Kuboraum glasses far exceeds its function: the Berlin brand, created in 2012, has the power of a mask in that it conceals while simultaneously revealing the wearer’s personality. To the first collections, with their larger designs, more compact lines were added. The brand offers original optical and solar frames for both men and women.

The concept remains: glasses are a link between oneself and the world. All Kuboraum lines are designed and conceived in Berlin, but they are manufactured in Italy using the best craftsmanship available.

Photo Credit: Kuboraum

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