• Etnia Barcelona vous fait voir la vie en rose avec son modèle Duke
  • Optez pour les montures de la marque Etnia Barcelona
  • Les montures solaires par Etnia Barcelona vous sont présentées par Lunettes Originales
  • Découvrez les lunettes de soleil réalisées par la firme Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona Glasses

These days, only rarely does a Spanish eyeglass designer get noticed in the optical world. However, Etnia Barcelona has been bucking the trend since 2001! The brand showcases its nonconformist tendencies with its fun and artistic Catalan signature. It employs bright and varied colors on its boldly mixed frames to offer the consumer some of the most original glasses on the market. Sparkling, colorful and dynamic, Etnia Barcelona glasses cannot go unnoticed.

In 2014, Etnia Barcelona was once again in the spotlight with its IKB (International Klein Blue) collection. The designs are notable for their itense blue color, made famous by the monochrome paintings of artist Yves Klein.

Photo Credit: Etnia Barcelona

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