Italian eyeglasses designer Blackfin logo
  • Lunettes de coloris rose de la marque Blackfin modèle Anfield
  • Monture optique de forme carrée imaginée par Blackfin, modèle Homewood
  • Modèle Vicksburg par Blackfin sur Lunettes Originales

Blackfin Glasses

There are those who walk in the footsteps of others, and those who take the road less traveled. Blackfin falls into the second category: that of visionaries and iconoclasts.

The brand’s products are made in Italy and it describes itself as “neo.” Its products are made in Italy because such products are renowned for their quality. Blackfin is “neo” in the modernity of both its designs and its technologies. The glasses are made of titanium and beta-titanium, ultra-light alloys with beautiful shine and precise lines.

With 53 steps in their production, Blackfin designer glasses are unique. The brand takes particular care of its finishes and is highly attentive to detail, for a result that meets its absolute requirement: the best and only the best.

Blackfin rejects all limitations to its unbridled creativity, keeping all possible doors open and thus, seeing the absolute furthest. These glasses are the incredible result.

Photo Credit: Blackfin